apprentice s 15e

  1. Blade_flyer

    Quick flight on Saturday.

    This was taken with the Tactic DroneView camera mounted to the bottom of the Apprentice S15e. I noticed some "jello" in the video. I need to go back to mounting it on top of the wing...less vibration. It was a nice morning to fly. Good views of the Ohio River and the swollen Knob Creek that...
  2. Blade_flyer

    Videos FPV at New Fowler Flyers in New Albany

    This was filmed with a CGO1 camera mounted on the wing of the Apprentice S 15e. Apprentice S15e FPV in New Albany, IN - YouTube
  3. Blade_flyer

    Apprentice S 15e FPV

    Some flying fun at the field S15e FPV Aerobatics - YouTube
  4. Blade_flyer

    Apprentice S 15e

    Apprentice S 15e converted to a tail dragger.
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