1. F

    Batteries How To Determine Battery Size?

    I am trying to order a plane from Amazon and they are good at listing the plane and what it has but they rarely ever recommend the battery size of a plane that does not come with a tx,rec,or charger. Most people I know like to use Lipo batteries but I have some new nicad and nmhi that I never...
  2. A

    Spektrum Dx6 Transmitter Failed

    Hey guys just looking for some advice... I have a DX6 that has already been repaired by Horizon Hobby once. The transmitter board failed for no reason and they fixed it no cost. Now it failed again after the batteries in the remote died (I use rechargeable battiers and I guess one failed in the...
  3. dknight

    Understanding The X2ac Charger And Charging

    I know this is a very big topic. I want to safely charge my LI-PO 280mAh 2S 7.4V 30C battery. I have the HiTec X2 AC Plus charge. I'm a bit lost on what to program it to for charging this battery. If someone can provide some help. I'd appreciate it. Thanks much!
  4. chevell69

    Batteries Would Any Body Want To Know How To Make There Own Battery Packs

    i am just wondering if any body be up to learn how to make there own battery packs after the holidays thinking about putting a set of youtube vids on the topic and how to do it . please respond to poll thanks and hope u have clear skys and clear roads
  5. D

    500 Can you try and help me find a website that sells Trex 500 worthy batteries?

    Just a quick question does anyone know where I could find myself a battery that i could fly my Trex 500 with any help/ website link would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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