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    Spektrum Dx6 Transmitter Failed

    Hey guys just looking for some advice... I have a DX6 that has already been repaired by Horizon Hobby once. The transmitter board failed for no reason and they fixed it no cost. Now it failed again after the batteries in the remote died (I use rechargeable battiers and I guess one failed in the...
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    FBL Gyro Ikon Flybarless with DX6 Problem - Can't Get Set-Up Selection to Work

    Hi guys, I am in the process of converting my old T-Rex 500 to FBL. I am using an Ikon FBL for this purpose. I am using my DX6 Gen2 radio to fly the heli. I have set up the Ikon with a pair of satellite receivers and all appears to be going in the right direction except for one interesting...
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    General Pitch help

    Hi guys. I'm setting up a trex 450 sport v2 that I've just updated to dfc. I'm also using a spectrum DX6, I've set up the 3gx gyro and head but am getting +/- 16 degrees of pitch. I think I can handle the positive pitch, but through watching some videos on you tube, I'd like to reduce the...
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    I've been flying RC helicopters for about 3 years. I fly a 450X and a MCPX. I recently acquired a 200 SRX DX6 transmitter. I reside in the Central California area. I'll be using www.rc-help.com to get tips and advice on furthering my flying abilities. -Terry
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