1. heidelberg

    600 trex 600N servos tilt to one side on spool up

    Hello guys my trex 600N has some issues. it comes with the align 2 in 1 BEC with igniter and standard align Ds 6 servos and Align GPRO. I just noticed on spool up once the engine reaches about 20-30% on the stick the aileron servos starts to tilt on one side.and the elevetor servo moves...
  2. heidelberg

    FBL Gyro align gpro governor setting

    Hello everyone i am an align gpro user and I am lost after the governor setup on the computer. My question is, after I set the minimum and maximum level on the computer what will be the next step? the sensor senses the magnet and registered green light on the computer when I turned the fan on...
  3. heidelberg

    new member from the philippines

    hello everyone, Heidelberg here from Manila. I got in to this hobby for a couple of years now and I owned several helis since then. I fly trex 450 sport, 500L and just got a brand new trex 600N I hope that my unsolved queries can be found here from our experienced pilot here. Thank everyone I...
  4. D

    FBL Gyro Gpro cyclic trim setup procedure

    Hi, newbie builder here (have a few RTF models so have reasonable flight experience). Just completing the Align Trex 450 with Gpro gyro. A bit confused with the procedure for setting cyclic trim. Tony's video on the build was brilliant and helped the build heaps, however the gyro in that...
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