1. W

    380/420 Blade 330S

    Hello, I recently bought the horizon lobby 330s upgrading from 230s. While I’m getting used to it I’m still in safe mode. I have noticed that i have tail wag even at low throttle. Is there a way to set trim on the transmitter ( Spektrum DXE) this to fix it? Additionally, I hit the tail rotors...
  2. Geena

    New Demo Canopy

    I ordered this a few days ago, from Royal Canopy. I`m planning to use it at events, when I do demo flights. The photos don`t do it justice. They did an awesome job on it.
  3. Peter Vice

    Projects 700e With Spectrum Ar6600t Receiver

    Good morning, I have been flying RC planes for awhile and trying to learn helicopters. I have an old Align 700E but have now purchased a new 700L V2 Super Combo RH70E30XT. Also going to fit BeastX with a Spectrum AR6600T receiver. This is what the store I bought it from suggested frankly I am...
  4. B

    Projects What Is Your Next Heli Build And Why?

    I have purchased an Align 800 electric as my next and possibly final rc helicopter to build and fly. Two years ago the heli bug bit me. I quickly went through a number of small electric helis before taking on my Align 550 TREX Dominator. This was a serious challenge for me which took 4 months to...
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