1. B

    Servos Selecting An Aftermarket Servo

    I have an FMS plane that blew out one of its aileron servos. It's an FMS 091; see photo The problem is that this servo is evidently no longer available. How do I select a replacement servo that is compatible? (Spektrum TX and RX)
  2. Goblin Build Pt 8 Motor Esc Ikon2 Installation

    Goblin Build Pt 8 Motor Esc Ikon2 Installation

    It has been a long time coming, but lets get the AlZRC 380 motor installed as well as the Hobbywing 60 amp esc and the Ikon2 gyro mounted! 3M Double Sided Tape Hobbywing 60 Amp ESC Ikon2 Flybarless Controller
  3. D

    RC Sailplane Pilot In Training

    I am a new RC pilot in training, and will be assembling components for my Bixler 2 kit over the next few months, and hope to start flying by late Spring. In some of the Bixler 2 internet conversation strings, I am reading about the inferior parts of Bixler 2 kits, e.g., control horns, clevis...
  4. L

    450 Trex 450 pro dfc 3gx servos in opposite direction

    Hello all!!! I followed the steps of the video 7 (Align 450 Pro V2 3GX Build Guide Part 7 Basic Gyro Setup) and I will try to explain what is going on. When I do the first step of the Gyro setup (elevator endpoint setup) and press the button again on the 3GX and turn the helicopter to...
  5. Chris O'Hara

    Servos Favorite Servos! Post them up!

    Everybody has their favorite servos, whether they are for big planes, small planes, helicopters, or other applications. Let us know what servos you use in your airplanes and where you usually buy them from. To start off, a great beginner standard servo is the Hitec HS311, only 7.99 at Tower...
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