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    Cars Tamiya Cc-01 Not Working

    Hi! I'm having a problem with my first non rtr modell, tamiya cc01. I built it 6 hours ago, but its not working properly. If i pull a Full throttle on the transmitter , the modell starts revving, but if i press the throttle slowly, it starts moving, but i hear grinding noise i checked the...
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    Trucks Need Help Identifying Old T-maxx For Rebuild!

    Just picked up a box of old RC gear from a buddy including an old T-Maxx with most of the original parts. He bought it to covert it to brushless but gave up on the project, now I'm trying to restore it to it's original nitro glory! I've had all electric gear up to this point (multirotors, helis...
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    Cars Gearbox and Axles for 0.21 Nitro truck

    Hello, I'm looking into picking gearbox and axles for my nitro project. I already got the engine, is a Novarrosi Paloma 0.21. I do want reverse so I'm looking into getting a Traxxas gearbox like this: *TRAXXAS REVO 3.3 TRANSMISSION WITH REVERSE | eBay I think that should work pretty well...
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    Cars Nitro engine for an offroad truck

    Hello, I'm looking into buying a nitro engine for an offroad truck, someone I know is going to the United States next week and I'm looking into buying the engine, ship it there and then back to me. I posted a question on a video from You tube from this site about what transmission i could...
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