Cars Any body out there know where I can find parts?


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I am looking for parts for a 1/5 scale Redcat Rampage Rally XR or possibly even a reasonably priced whole car. What I actually NEED is a body, front bumper, front body mounts and possibly an aluminum chassis. I would love to find a two speed transmission but I am not going to get my hopes up. I know there are some Rampages out there somewhere just collecting dust. Let me know what you have and we'll talk.


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I suppose the place to start would be the main website so you know what the retail pricing is ... so you can judge any used pricing from that . See

Parts availability will vary through the year. For new parts that will depend on what they call in-season and out of season. Used part availability is always going to be hit or miss but will rely on how popular the make and models are in general.

I know this wasn't directly an answer but as I mentioned, it's a place to start from.
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