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Hi all, I'm not looking for a step-by-step procedure for this, however, if someone can do so, then that's good, too :hdbng:

I was once told (by a salesman) that I would never need more than 6 channels for flying a helicopter. This was when 'Heading-Hold' gyros were quite new. I chose a 9 channel at the time just because it looked cool compared to my Tx. with my RTF heli. Now, I have two devices with multi-functions and am currently using all 8 channels of my Jeti DC-14 on one of my helis, albeit, that I'm still working on that if/when I get time. So here goes:
  • I have bought a GeoLink to connect up on my biggest heli (originally a Velos-Rotors 880) - Spirit haven't yet responded to my query, so no correspondence yet. I understand that they recommend selecting 'Coaxial' function from my SpiritPro from the 'Stabi' tab. No problem there, but I rarely use 'Stabi' these days - I have this function assigned to channel 8 on my 550E
  • The GeoLink has multi-functions so the way I see it, there needs to be channel 8 available to switch to 'Stabi - Coaxial' - To be able to activate the multi-functions, I will need an appropriate switch or switches (2/3-Position etc.) each with its own channel. Is this correct? If so, then I need to explore an upgrade for my Tx. or a new one with more channels already built-in
I look forward to any feedback to begin a correspondence on the best solution.


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Hi again,

This thread has gone unanswered, I can't believe that there isn't someone out there to engage in a dialogue that will help out. I'm looking for base principals, so anybody with multi-channel/multi-switching knowledge will be capable of good advice. These are probably aeroplane pilots as opposed to helicopter freaks like me. Unfortunately, Spirit aren't playing ball and up to now haven't responded to my contacts. So here goes with a basic summary of my current challenge:
  • I now have two GeoLink modules, v1 and v2. The v1 is ready to go when I get this part sorted and the v2 is waiting to be my test object to do the whole process without hitch (fingers crossed)
  • I have purchased and activated a package for my Jeti DC-14 such that it has a total of 14 channels (also a sequencer but that's more an aside)
  • I have purchased a REX12 receiver as my T-Rex 550E recipient doesn't have enough channels available. I will update the Firmware during today
  • I am translating their online information and interpreting it for practical use on my Tx. I need to convince myself that my choice of control/activation devices are enough for my needs and then to decide where I want them to be placed for the most efficient use whilst flying the model
  • The features of the GeoLink include things that only need to be programmed in via the PC beforehand, however, the 'Return To Home' feature is the most likely to be used most. Features can be reprogrammed at the field but, of course, not during flight
  • The description in the online manual suggests that the switching needs for the 4 features are best covered by a proportional method (I have 2 levers). However, they also offer 'An Easy' option during flight of a 2-Position switch achieved by setting its activation to 40% so limiting the availability to one of these
  • I have created a table to summarise this but I'll leave it until later for publication
I think that this is enough for now until someone feels the urge to join me in resolving the issue(s)


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This thread has gone unanswered, I can't believe that there isn't someone out there to engage in a dialogue that will help out.

I don't think it's a matter of unwilling to engage with you on the subject. I think it's a matter of others not having the specific radio to know what is able to be done about the situation you are asking about. The people on the forum have always helped when they had the knowledge or even if they knew where to point someone to find it.

My Futaba T8FG was originally an 8ch radio that later got expanded into 14ch with updates to it's firmware. It didn't have optional switches or knobs etc added, the additional channels are virtual to be triggered by other channel states or conditions. Those features are unique to my specific radio model. So nothing I can say that would related to mine would have anything to do with how your radio can be used or setup. I also never needed the additional channels, so I never learned how to use or implement them assuming if I did need them, I'd look into it at that time.

This is by no means a comparison of the two radio's either... mine is/was in a good/top end grade of hobby radios and the Jeti is much higher, I'd say at least into the pro grade level.


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I'm not sure but Geena Tucker had that transmitter. I remember when she came over to visit, a few years back, I had the time to enjoy her company and her flying talents. She showed me her TX that looked like a miniature cockpit. She handed it to me to see how light it was but forgot to mention how much the radio was worth and If I'm correct it was JeTi. She might be able to shine some light on this topic. My self...I got nothing.


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I'm not suggesting that members don't want to contribute. I'm also not expecting that they might be able to tell me exactly how I should tackle the challenge. I will get there eventually. I'm always extremely grateful for the opportunity to correspond as quite often ideas come onto the table that lead to a new direction and success.

I attach a graphic (PDF) of what Spirit describe from the online manual. I have created it, it has nothing to do with Jeti or Spirit. I can programme the channel and allocate the lever/switch followed up by testing, this will be my next phase.

I believe their description of the 'trigger-points' is best suited to a proportional lever of which I have two available. Let's see if there's anybody out there who can describe how they would go about it. Spirit also describe using a 2-Position switch to achieve the 'On (4)' state as a practical real-flight method.


  • Tx. Switches and Functions_25.08.23.pdf
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Hi all, a quick update having spent some frustrating time going round and round trying to remember how to add channels. It doesn't actually tell you how to do this in the manual that I've been able to find. The key is not to let yourself get locked into the process to the point where you just put a hammer to the transmitter and give up :biggrin1:

My main handicap was that I never needed to go over the six listed channels until downloading the latest Firmware. Spirit now provide (recommend) the possibility to programme stuff for the 'Stabi' functions of the SpiritPro and the GeoLink via separate channels. I've now got the channels available and the control device identified - next step is to set limits for the 'Servos' (Channels). That should be fun.

Not to forget, as the receiver is also a new addition (REX12), so the pin assignment in the receiver needed to be changed for the ExBus connection to the SpiritPro. The heli now responds to my control actions from the transmitter.


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Hi all, my 'mini-project' has turned into a major project mainly due to my own rusty memory on some of the stuff and what for me has been a challenge to track down and understand the Spirit instructions (on-line or hard copy). They seem to have created a monster that needs their constant input as support. That said, I have just come out of a very successful session with one of their support guys and he very quickly fixed my problem by accessing my transmitter remotely. Achieving the connection was the most difficult part of it!

My error message has now cleared and I can continue to set up my 'Stabi' function via channel 8 instead of via the Jeti 'Device Explorer' as previously. Looks to me like it is good to go for a field test before moving on to setting up the v2 GeoLink module on channel 9. Fingers crossed :chickendance:


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Celebrating a successful testing session at the field. Channel 8 now gives me the 'Stabi' functions and channel 7 is the 'Banks' (Flight Modes). 'Bank 0' is primarily the take-off and landing channel where I can also fly with the benefits of the GeoLink module.

I'm setting up to install the v2 soon (tomorrow?). I need to read up on the control functions before finalising the switching options.
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