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Good morning,

Many years ago I was into rc flying and now it’s time to get back into it.

I’m looking at the horizon Cub Scout 2. I will be teaching myself to fly and wanted a park flyer to get familiar again. I was thinking the s.a.f.e feature would make the learning less expensive. I do fly with a flight sim so I think the basics are there.

what you guys think of the plane? Is s.a.f.e. What they advertise ?
would a.m.a membership be needed for such a small light plane? I would get it if I advance to larger planes and join a flying club.



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I don't have that plane but Horizon typically builds a product of adequate quality to not have to worry much about build quality. I've also never used or needed a gyro ( SAFE ) on my planes but I could see it being handy at times. I was also self taught pilot using the RealFlight sim to practice my take-offs and landings over and over until I got those down. If the sim you are using has good realistic flight characteristics, you should be fine just note that I've also tried some that didn't and I wouldn't recommend many of those free ones that I've tested.

Note the model is stated as a ultra-micro that is under the FFA 250 g limit so doesn't require registration with them... but also realize at that size, it isn't a model that will not fly well in anything more than a light wind situation. AMA membership is never actually needed as recommended or as a requirement to fly at many clubs, events an other possible locations. The only advantage I think the AMA provides these days beyond fulfilling location requirements, is the model/flight insurance that comes with having a membership. This is also why so many clubs etc require membership, so they don't have to carry additional insurance themselves.

Larger airframes will fly more stable just because they have more mass to them and are less affected by wind as much as a smaller one. I have airplanes that are from a 40" wingspan up to 52" and enjoy flying them all... still the 52" one is much more stable and much easier to fly than my 40" one. Taking off and landing on grass fields is also much easier on larger planes since their wheels are also larger.

Federal parks are off limits from flying without first getting written permission. City and State parks differ, so you'll need to research before flying in these locations first. Whether you join the AMA or not... read and learn their rules found on their website, there is a lot of good safety info in them. I'd also read whatever the FAA provides for RC aircraft ( I believe they refer to all aircraft as AUS or something like that ) so you are familiar with the regulations they have in place that flying anywhere in the USA are required to follow. I really enjoyed joining a local club. Just realize they also can include some "grumpy ole farts" in them also. If you show all of the members the proper respect, even the grumpy ones often turn around after a bit of time.
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