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Howdy. I'm Ed, or as I've been jokingly referred to, Loosenut on the stick. :)
I joined back in Sept of 2020 and apparently never introduced myself, so I figured having a little time to chat I would rectify that.
I mostly look up information and keep to myself, and thankfully, there is plenty of good stuff here.
I grew up in the hobby, my dad was very involved for years. I've built and signed my own planes for RC, Free Flight, Rockets, Control Line, dabbled with cars years ago, and a Dumas Swamp Buggy that only looped and rolled if I hit something. A few years back I bought the estate of a deceased friend to help the family out and acquired a Blade 230s Night. A few months ago I counted up 9 Helis I'd acquired in different states of repair and I'm still learning to fly around the back yard. I think the Nano 70 is the toughest little Heli to fly BTW.
My background in life has taken me globe trotting and moving around and I think I'm finally grounded here in Mich again. I'm not one to sit at the computer unless I'm designing or researching, so it's hit or miss that I'm here.
I'm a mechanical designer and Fab guy by trade and a gear head by heart. I spent 14 years in robotics tooling, 8 years running a business rebuilding full size aircraft, and my current work is with training systems. The fun side of my current work is building toys for the boss. Anyone that is into diesel trucks has seen my work.
Ok, probably more than you wanted to know, but thanks for letting me enjoy the Forum, particularly to Tony for keeping it going. Awesome!


Welcome to the forum Loosenut! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. There’s a lot of people on here willing to help or at least try to point you in the right direction if you get stuck on something. Again welcome, and Happy flying!
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