General New to Rc cars and nitros need help please!


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I have a Tmaxx with a 2.5 engine. I bought it used. In fact I bought 2 Tmaxxs and a rustler all in the last 3 weeks! lol... I am completely new to this hobby and have no clue what I am doing except what I have learned from watching Tony rebuild his Tmaxx on youtube! I have been trying to get it to run correctly and just cant seem to figure out how to adjust the carb correctly.. I asked on a fb group and they said set it back to factory settings and go from there, which I did. They gave me a flow chart that I tried to follow but doesnt seem to work for me. Currently it starts up fine and will idle with no issues except it seems to be a little high. After I let it idle and I play with the throttle on the remote it seems to run okay. However when I mash the throttle fully and let off the engine dies. According to the flow chart it said to turn the HS counter clockwise 1/8 but it still does the same. I keep adjusting by 1/8 and trying again but still dies, then it ends up adjusted so much that I cant get it to start so I have to start back over at factory settings... Help please, I want this thing to run. What do I need to do?
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