No common sense!


Goblin 380 Supporter
On Oct. 29 @ 8:17 pm they had a rocket launch. I sent up DJI Phantom 3 standard to record the flight like I always try to do if life doesn't get in the way. Well, 30 seconds till lift off the mission got scrubbed. As I get ready to bring down the DJI, some dumb ass decided to shoot at my drone. The sound came from behind my house. I wasn't sure which house it came from but I made sure they heard me say," Hey dumb ass! You know that you're shooting at an FAA-registered drone and I'm not calling the local law enforcement but the FAA on you that way you can explain to them why you're shooting at a drone inside the city limit. I told them that around the same time tomorrow, my drone would be up in the air again so try shooting at the drone because this time you will have visitors because whatever goes up must come down, and hopefully not on someone's head. It's so sad that there's no common sense anymore...just common stupidity in our society :facepalm:
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