1. A

    FBL Gyro 450x/ar7200bx Pops Up And Down

    My father has a Blade 450X with the AR7200BX and when you go to take off with it off the ground and it is about to lift off the ground it will just like pop up and down by it's self and I can not figure this out. It does not have any vibration problems that I can find or feel, the AR7200bx is...
  2. J

    Hobbywing 50amp Esc Programming With Ar7200bx

    Hi all you clever people.... I'm approaching a headache by trying to program my new Hobbywings 50 Amp ESC with my spektrum receiver. I have read all manuals and lot of threads with the issue, and here's what I have succeded with so far. Bind the ESC with a regular spektrum receiver, and...
  3. leedude1

    600 Calibrating Fixed Throttle End Points With Castle Talon Esc And Ar7210bx

    This is the easiest work arounds for entering into programming mode with a Castle ESC while using the AR 7210bx or AR7200bx
  4. N

    General Can a AR7300BX be Used to Replace a AR7200BX

    I'm looking for a suitable replacement for my AR7200BX. Seems they don't make them any more but I could order the 7200 if necessary. Want to consider options though. Other options like a BeastX system or others will be considered too.
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