1. floydian70

    FB Gyro 130x Flips Over On Spoolup

    I just got parts and all kinds of upgrades and another 130x. Could never get the head to hold on the one I just bought. It would hover for awhile then the tail would blow out. Now when I spool it up right about when it gets light on the skids it flips on its side real hard. So I went to adjust...
  2. Admiral

    600 A Bit Of Horse Trading

    About six months ago I tripped and fell on my DX9 on concrete causing considerable damage, while it was away being repaired I bought a used DX9 to cover. My logic was I can buy it for A$400 use it and sell it for about the same. However in the meantime Spektrum released the new iX12, the price...
  3. A

    FBL Gyro 450x/ar7200bx Pops Up And Down

    My father has a Blade 450X with the AR7200BX and when you go to take off with it off the ground and it is about to lift off the ground it will just like pop up and down by it's self and I can not figure this out. It does not have any vibration problems that I can find or feel, the AR7200bx is...
  4. Corsair1003

    Blade 450 3d Rc Helicopter Bnf With Tons Of Extras

    This helicopter is in excellent condition with no issues Includes: Helicopter 3S 2200 Lipo Battery Aluminum Case All pictured parts Asking 140 plus shipping
  5. coolgabsi

    Micro Blade 180 CFX -- night setup

    perfect regulator LED micro setup.. with 1S batteries epoxied on the blade.. which I realize is a problem now, as one of the 1S batteries died :( .. but this is my intro into night flying.
  6. bigone5500

    Micro Blade 120S LED flash

    Charged all my batteries today and went out to fly. Ran out on battery and switched to another. Flew it for about 3 minutes then the heli lost power and fell out of the air at about 4 feet. Red led was flashing and inputs were not working. I replugged the battery and flew it another minute or...
  7. Blade_flyer

    FPV Shots from the Apprentice with DroneView camera and the blade quad

    Flying site looking west at 600' AGL View of the Ohio River running South at about 300' AGL with the Blade 350 QX2
  8. L

    Micro Blade SRX 200 (Official Gain Adjustment)

    Hey everyone, I've had the Blade SRx 200 for a while and it's a very fun fixed pitch heli but the only problem is that it can barley climb but I just found out today that Blade has released the official gain adjustment instructions to boost things up and boy oh boy has this heli become a beast...
  9. krayon

    I have contract the heli virus !

    Hello, I have buy an RC Heli 1 week ago... a Blade Nano Cpx... Before i have buy 3 RC Heli at 50$ (Revell Razor and Revell Rotobot), two rotor and FP with a Horizontal tail rotor... so a thinks for little kids but i take a lot of pleasure to fly... so i decided to buy a true Heli RC : the...
  10. Tony

    General Setting Proper Blade Pitch

    I have written this many times in different threads but it always gets buried in the posts and is very hard to find. It's also one of the most asked questions here on RCH. So I thought I would do a dedicated STICKY to explain exactly how to setup correct blade pitch on a CCPM helicopter. YOU...
  11. Tony

    Batteries Blade mCP-X Batteries 300mah 35c $2.96 ea! (NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!)

    Some of you may know, I only have the two batteries for my poor little helicopter. I like this because I can't go out and just kill thing thing flying 8 straight packs lol. That is until now... I just placed an order for 6 Turnigy 300mah 35c 1s batteries for the mCP-X. They are usually 4.99, but...
  12. Peter Neal

    Blade mSR X

    Hi Guys Well, my new Blade mSR X arrived this week. What an amazing little helicopter - super stabile and oh so bloody fast! I bought this to teach me orientation as I am am still a newbie at this. In short this is one brilliant little beast! Will post a vid soon but will be rather boring as...
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