1. F

    Batteries How To Determine Battery Size?

    I am trying to order a plane from Amazon and they are good at listing the plane and what it has but they rarely ever recommend the battery size of a plane that does not come with a tx,rec,or charger. Most people I know like to use Lipo batteries but I have some new nicad and nmhi that I never...
  2. LosiSlasher

    General Radiant Primal Problems

    I have a Radiant Primal lipo balance charger and every time I plug it into an electrical outlet all the led lights will blink and I cant make it do anything even when I plug a battery into it to charge it. Can anyone please help me on this? I have looked up the manual on their website but it...
  3. D

    Chargers Primal charger flashes red and green

    When charging my 5000 35c venom my primal charger flashes red and green
  4. P

    Chargers FMA Powerlab 6

    So, my iCharger 3010B started acting up. Wouldn't complete a balance cycle on 6S packs. 3S packs were fine. Tried calibrating it and still no dice. So I talked with the guys at BuddyRC and it's on the way to them for work/replacement. I'm suspecting the #4 cell balancing circuit is futzy...
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