1. B

    General Setting Up A New Model In The Dx8 G2

    I watched Tony's youtube vid on setting up a new model (presumably it was the G1 TX since it was dated 8 years ago!). It was great, as far as it went. I'd love to have a detailed programming guide for the DX8G2. . . something that goes through each and every menu item (from the Function List...
  2. B

    General Spektrum Dx8 Gen 2 Charging

    I am charging my transmitter for the first time. I'm using the charging that came with the TX. After plugging the charger into the TX and then the adapter into an electric socket, I see nothing on the TX indicating that charging is taking place. Shouldn't there be some way to determine that...
  3. B

    General Explain "gain"

    I am trying to find a good and thorough explanation of "gain." I've asked Horizon and they more or less said they don't have anything. I'll take a video or a written explanation, etc. FYI, I use ar636 RX and a DX8 RX.
  4. A

    Spektrum Possible To Repair A Dx8 Trainer Input?

    I have made a "Tilt and Roll Trainer Slave" by an Arduino NANO board and an accelerometer. It is plugged into the trainer port of my DX8 and is supposed to manipulate elevator and aileron by tilting this device a few degrees in tilt and roll directions respectively. The plan is to be able to...
  5. S

    Spektrum My Spektrum Dx8 Lost Its Backlight.

    There are many videos showing how to add an LED backlight to a DX7 but nothing on the DX8. The part number for the Spektrum DX8 LCD with backlight is only available in the UK and Germany with restrictions to seanding it to the USA. Anyone know of attempts to alter the DX8 to accept the LED fix?
  6. pavotibio

    Spektrum DX8 Idle Up Switch

    Hi Guys. It´s been a while. Guess the first year after becoming a parent leaves you little time to do anything else, uh? Anyways. I accidentally broke the idle up switch on my DX8, bought the spare part (on-off-on) and replaced it. I took a picture of the wiring color code to not make any...
  7. T

    Spektrum I'm lost - Trying to program my DX8

    I'm new to this game and have a Spektrum DX8 and soon to be Blade mSR heli. Found a YouTube video from a guy on how to program the DX8 & mSR for small room indoor flying. I can't make sense of the information this individual posted below. Can someone guide me through it because I don't know crap...
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