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    Spektrum Spektrun NX10

    Hi All, the upgrade to the beloved DX9 has arrived a belated Christmas present, so far without have yet used it it appears good, set up was easy logged it onto the WiFi and it was able to register itself on the website, downloaded all the DX9 SPM files put them on a mini SD card and they all...
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    Spektrum Maybe a Replacement for my Trusty DX9 is coming.

    I see Spektrum is releasing a new series of Transmitter the NX range, non Android, Colour screen,Telemetry Friendly and lots more. Will be very interested in the NX8 or NX10...
  3. Alex Evans

    General Dx9 Black - Stick Centering

    I don't manage with this topic. I have my travel on all channels set to 100 / 100 But, my center stick, for pitch / throttle is NOT at 50% or zero, my elevtor is 1 not zero... Any suggestions? Cheers
  4. C

    Spektrum Dx9 Programming Toggle Aux2 On/off

    Hi I have a ducted fan jet and have installed a thrust vector cone on it. Would like to set toggle switch "E" as a safety disable over Aux2 that is mixed with the Elevator. Have tried all sorts but no go. Any advice please Clynt
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