1. S

    Quad Help wit omnibus f4 V3

    Hi, I need help getting my quad back up and running, its a cheap little Eachine wizard x220s and it came with the cheap flysky transmitter and receiver and the range just isn't good enough for me so I upgraded to the FS-X6B on Ibus with minimal range noticed so I decided to buy an Orangerx...
  2. Stambo

    General Learning Fpv

    Like many, I learned to fly FPV on my own. I bought the gear, installed it on my quad and just did it. Took me a good 15 minutes to stop buzzing after the first flight. The quad was a 500 sized machine that I built up with parts from Hobbyking. Notably a KK2 8 bit flight controller, airplane...
  3. P

    Quad direct connection of fpv tx/camera to diatone et200 pdb

    Hey all So I have been flying my diatone et200 based quad around by eye for a little while now but am looking to fit my quanum v1 fpv setup onboard. Rather than add in another lipo to the frame, I was considering directly soldering a connector to the pdb and powering it off that. On that...
  4. J

    Runcam 2 for FPV

    Got me a fancy Runcam 2 and so far I like it. I want to use it for FPV but I'm having trouble getting it to work. Works great as a record cam. I explain my problems in the video. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. HELP! Trying to use my Runcam 2 and failing - YouTube
  5. Blade_flyer

    Quick flight on Saturday.

    This was taken with the Tactic DroneView camera mounted to the bottom of the Apprentice S15e. I noticed some "jello" in the video. I need to go back to mounting it on top of the wing...less vibration. It was a nice morning to fly. Good views of the Ohio River and the swollen Knob Creek that...
  6. Blade_flyer

    Videos FPV at New Fowler Flyers in New Albany

    This was filmed with a CGO1 camera mounted on the wing of the Apprentice S 15e. Apprentice S15e FPV in New Albany, IN - YouTube
  7. Blade_flyer

    Apprentice S 15e FPV

    Some flying fun at the field S15e FPV Aerobatics - YouTube
  8. Blade_flyer

    FPV Shots from the Apprentice with DroneView camera and the blade quad

    Flying site looking west at 600' AGL View of the Ohio River running South at about 300' AGL with the Blade 350 QX2
  9. A


    Hello, I have been interested in RC anything for years, but tend toward anything for taking Aerial photography. I got a Slow Stick years ago, and mounted on a camera on landing gear, camera worked great, my flying now so much! Then the Drones began to show up on the internet and with GPS...
  10. Kiof

    Videos Somos Luz (We lLight)

    Somooth fliying fpv wirh the QAV500 NAZA and gopro hero 2 in Tarifa - Spain Song: "Somos Luz" (We are Light) from MAcaco and Chambao. https://vimeo.com/52661049 El Balnerario - Tarifa on Vimeo Best regards PD sorry I put the same video in othter video treath,...
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