1. D

    ESC Ikon And Castle Governor End Limits

    Hello all, I am setting up a governor on my castle ice2 HV 80 for an align 600. I would normally run what i call a poor man governor by adjusting throttle curve to flat 85 idle up 2 and idle up 2 flat line 95, seems to work ok I have been told less stress on the motor and batteries if i use...
  2. Andrés Humeres

    600 Conecting Governor And Ikon2 In My Align 600 Dfc Nitro

    First, I appreciate your videos that have given me a lot. In particular, your video to configure the governor. But I'm changing the 3GX for an iKON2 and the Align cable does not match the Futaba connection. I tried changing the cable connector, but the iKON2 does not recognize the magnets. Is a...
  3. heidelberg

    FBL Gyro align gpro governor setting

    Hello everyone i am an align gpro user and I am lost after the governor setup on the computer. My question is, after I set the minimum and maximum level on the computer what will be the next step? the sensor senses the magnet and registered green light on the computer when I turned the fan on...
  4. heidelberg

    new member from the philippines

    hello everyone, Heidelberg here from Manila. I got in to this hobby for a couple of years now and I owned several helis since then. I fly trex 450 sport, 500L and just got a brand new trex 600N I hope that my unsolved queries can be found here from our experienced pilot here. Thank everyone I...
  5. B

    Other turnigy 9x governor mixing

    Hi everyone, I'm using the 9x with my 3gx on a 700n and I would like to be able to mix the governor channel with the idle up switch I'm not very good at putting it in words so I made a video take a look and see if you can help me out or have any suggestions? 9x governor mixing - YouTube cheers...
  6. B

    seeking and offering help

    Hi everyone just signed up Brents my name and I'm here to learn more and share info I've already worked out about the turnigy 9x my first post will be about nitro governor settings been mixed with the 3 postion flight mode switch look forward to everyones in put cheers.
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