1. Rowdy

    700 Kraken powerloss

    What would cause a momentary loss of power?!. I have grounded my kraken until I figure this out. Attached are two clips that shows the power cutting out, then coming back. I use an ar7210bx, a dx8, and the hw 200amp esc just running straight throttle curves. The first time it happened I just...
  2. floydian70

    FB Gyro 130x Flips Over On Spoolup

    I just got parts and all kinds of upgrades and another 130x. Could never get the head to hold on the one I just bought. It would hover for awhile then the tail would blow out. Now when I spool it up right about when it gets light on the skids it flips on its side real hard. So I went to adjust...
  3. S

    450 Tarot 450pro Heli Clone

    Hi guys, I’ve been on and off with building this heli model for a while now, as I’m just stuck in the assembly. I have assembled the necessary hardware and frame; however, I am having trouble with the intricate details, such as what order to assemble and where to assemble the electronic aspects...
  4. K

    For Sale: Wltoys V950 Heli

    I have a V950 heli for sale. It has no damage and is not crashed. It had a bad servo that has been replaced. It is the complete package with transmitter, battery, charger, extra parts including main shaft, linkages and maybe others. Asking $90 OBO plus $10 shipping to anywhere in the USA...
  5. B

    Projects What Is Your Next Heli Build And Why?

    I have purchased an Align 800 electric as my next and possibly final rc helicopter to build and fly. Two years ago the heli bug bit me. I quickly went through a number of small electric helis before taking on my Align 550 TREX Dominator. This was a serious challenge for me which took 4 months to...
  6. catsmeow

    Misc can I swap out a E flight receiver with a E Sky reciever

    I have a good working E-Flite radio 2.4 Ghz and receiver in a E Flite Copter, I have a E Sky copter without a radio to match the receiver . Is it possible to swap the E Flite receiver into the E Sky Lama 4 copter to fly it with the E Flite radio 2.4 Ghz .?
  7. L

    Micro Blade SRX 200 (Official Gain Adjustment)

    Hey everyone, I've had the Blade SRx 200 for a while and it's a very fun fixed pitch heli but the only problem is that it can barley climb but I just found out today that Blade has released the official gain adjustment instructions to boost things up and boy oh boy has this heli become a beast...
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