450 Tarot 450pro Heli Clone


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Hi guys,
I’ve been on and off with building this heli model for a while now, as I’m just stuck in the assembly. I have assembled the necessary hardware and frame; however, I am having trouble with the intricate details, such as what order to assemble and where to assemble the electronic aspects, how to completely install the servos, and how to make sure my motor will run smoothly in the way I installed it. Any help is much appreciated.


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This playlist will show everything being installed on a 450 Pro V2. I'm a bit lost as to what it is specifically that you need help with and hoping these videos will help out.This is a playlist with 9 videos.



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build the electrics into the kit as you build the kit. Most of the time you will build sub-assemblies and then put the sub-assemblies together to make the heli. Tony's videos will get you fully built.
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