1. S

    450 Tarot 450pro Heli Clone

    Hi guys, I’ve been on and off with building this heli model for a while now, as I’m just stuck in the assembly. I have assembled the necessary hardware and frame; however, I am having trouble with the intricate details, such as what order to assemble and where to assemble the electronic aspects...
  2. A

    FBL Gyro 450x/ar7200bx Pops Up And Down

    My father has a Blade 450X with the AR7200BX and when you go to take off with it off the ground and it is about to lift off the ground it will just like pop up and down by it's self and I can not figure this out. It does not have any vibration problems that I can find or feel, the AR7200bx is...
  3. HanzCedric

    General My Humble Tarot450

    Hi Guys, Im so sorry that i did not fill up the Tanks!!! Thread with some RC Tanks Action from my RC tanks battalion. For the mean time, here are some more pics of my Heli and radio, i got it for $200 in local currency New Blades: Walkera 450 320mm
  4. N

    450 3GX Newbie and a few questions

    Am looking for any suggestions/recommendations on the 3GX itself. I'm flying my first 3GX 5.0 firmware on a CHEAP HK450 with $12 FBL conversion kit. 3S 2200 separate 2S 7.4V battery and BEC for RX and FBL+ servos. 50AMP ESC HK helidrive 3600K/V and 12 tooth pinion. All digital MG servos...
  5. D

    FBL Gyro Gpro cyclic trim setup procedure

    Hi, newbie builder here (have a few RTF models so have reasonable flight experience). Just completing the Align Trex 450 with Gpro gyro. A bit confused with the procedure for setting cyclic trim. Tony's video on the build was brilliant and helped the build heaps, however the gyro in that...
  6. sarconastic

    450 Budget 450 clone Ordered

    I have flown the blades off my V911 and now my v912. I have gotten pretty proficient at flying the v912, even in pretty hefty 8-10mph wihds for that heli. Nothing amazing but I can do 5 minute flights with no crashes, banking turns and the like. I was looking at getting a v913 as my next heli...
  7. T

    Chargers DIY lipo 6s battery & voltage max for 450

    First off let me start out with i have a Trex 450 Pro 3gx that has been upgraded with an phoenix ice 50 esc, scorpion 2221-8, & currently runs on 3s lipos. My question for that is how do i go about to figure out the max voltage i can run ie cells i can run on it at once either in parrellel or...
  8. J

    450 Big lama won't throttle up, after crash.

    The left stick will not work. Hence the reason why I got a new 3in1 unit. Plugged it in today, no change. The right stick still makes movement of the servos like suppose to. My lama has been down for months I sure would like to get it bak up and going. Any help would be appreciated. I wonder...
  9. L

    450 Trex 450 pro dfc 3gx servos in opposite direction

    Hello all!!! I followed the steps of the video 7 (Align 450 Pro V2 3GX Build Guide Part 7 Basic Gyro Setup) and I will try to explain what is going on. When I do the first step of the Gyro setup (elevator endpoint setup) and press the button again on the 3GX and turn the helicopter to...
  10. pavotibio

    From coaxials to my 1st trex!

    Hi everybody, my name is Mauricio and i'm from Chile. It´s not easy being in this hobby here since there are not many stores to get RC machines...not to mention spare parts. I was given a coaxial last year as a present, learnt to fly it (wasnt that hard), moved to some 4ch 250's and now I've...
  11. z257

    450 E-razor 450 UPRADES

    hi i just got in my Erazor 450 and wanted to know what are the best upgrades i can do to it. right now everything is stock besides a new tx and rx. what could i add to make it a easier heli to fly and better a fling heli. thanks alot, zack
  12. z257

    hello everyone zack here.

    hi my name is Zack in north Carolina and i just got into flying rc helicopters. ive always had a couple 3&4 ch micro heli's finally got the money to get an E-RAZOR 450 with a wfly wft07 tx and i love the hobby! the 450 was a lil intimidating at first but set my tx up and now it does what i tell...
  13. murankar

    New to collective pitch

    My name is Matt! I am still young in this hobby, been flying small indoor birds for a couple of years. My first was an Airhog then eventually upgraded to the Blade mCX 1. After about a year or so I bought a Blade 120 sr so I can start to really start to learn how to fly. This bird however is...
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