1. David H

    New To Rc-help

    Hello all, North Louisiana here. Have been in RC 30 or so years. Mostly airplanes but have flown hell's also. Currently have the EF MXS 70cc, just sold a 70cc Mamba from flex innovations, and have the goblin 630 and 700, both electric. Not to familiar with the heli setups. Currently the 630...
  2. Admiral

    FBL Gyro Ikon Setup Issue

    I have an issue with setting up an iKon unit, when I enter the swashplate Setup Menu the Elevator servo drops taking the swash out of level making it difficult to level the swash. I have managed to get the swash level in all other menus and when disconnected by trial and error and am reasonable...
  3. R

    FBL Gyro Ikon Flybarless with DX6 Problem - Can't Get Set-Up Selection to Work

    Hi guys, I am in the process of converting my old T-Rex 500 to FBL. I am using an Ikon FBL for this purpose. I am using my DX6 Gen2 radio to fly the heli. I have set up the Ikon with a pair of satellite receivers and all appears to be going in the right direction except for one interesting...
  4. N

    General iKON Setup Question

    I'm installing the iKON IKN1002 on my 180 CFX. I can't find info on the update rate of the servo's that the install program asks me to set. The three cyclic servos are Spektrum Nanolite High Speed (SPMSH2060) and the tail servo is an E-Flight 7.6g Sub Micro Digital (EFLRDS76TJ). Anyone know...
  5. N

    450 Receiver for T Rex 450L Dominator

    I've pretty much decided to do my first build with a TRex 450L kit. I have to finish setting up my work space in basement so am planing ahead. Plenty of time to change my mind but am strongly considering an iKON receiver for the build. Just checking to see if anyone knows if the iKON (IKN 1001)...
  6. kelleysislander

    FBL Gyro Make your own IKON Bluetooth connection for about $11 each

    Howdy All, I just wanted to share how easy it is to make your own IKON - Bluetooth connection from scratch. The project is simple and fun and very rewarding to boot!@@ The first thing you need is the BT module itself. I use the "CRIUS MWC Multiwii Blutooth Module" - I don't think the...
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