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    Spektrum Dx6 Transmitter Failed

    Hey guys just looking for some advice... I have a DX6 that has already been repaired by Horizon Hobby once. The transmitter board failed for no reason and they fixed it no cost. Now it failed again after the batteries in the remote died (I use rechargeable battiers and I guess one failed in the...
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    450 3GX Newbie and a few questions

    Am looking for any suggestions/recommendations on the 3GX itself. I'm flying my first 3GX 5.0 firmware on a CHEAP HK450 with $12 FBL conversion kit. 3S 2200 separate 2S 7.4V battery and BEC for RX and FBL+ servos. 50AMP ESC HK helidrive 3600K/V and 12 tooth pinion. All digital MG servos...
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    General Need emergency help my rc car wont start

    Hi BIG PROBLEMOS my rc car has problems. I have it on factory settings and it starts but after 1 second is stops and I have no clue what so ever of what the problem is:concern: It is a Kyosho DBX with a GXR 18 engine HELP ME:nonchalance: Robert Eriksson
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    450 Twister 400 sport troubles.

    my little Twister 400 sport is having some problems currently, it spins, i have adjusted the trim and gyro settings and cant counter the spin, as i start to counter the spin it starts to spin in the opposite direction. it has only had 1 crash and after that it was flying perfectly. a few flights...
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