1. James M. Lewis

    General This Works Great!

    Hi everyone, I'm using this to store a hard copy of my helicopters swash setup values. Made a binder for quick reference besides having this information in my Spektrum radio. hope you too find it useful. I've been asked again to do a mini helicopter flight...
  2. James M. Lewis

    450 Pictures Of My 450s

    Hi guys, here are some shots. The Augusta fuselage will go into an upgraded main frame with quality electronics and mechanics. The Gartt 450 Pro is see with two different canopies, all Gartt components. Love this bird:adoration:
  3. James M. Lewis

    450 Here's Some Pictures

    Hi guys, Here's some pictures of my 450. The fuselage will have the main frame I upgraded. And here's the Gartt 450 Pro with two different canopies.
  4. James M. Lewis

    450 Uh Oh, Something Is Wrong

    Hi everyone, I've finish building my Gartt 450 Pro and ran into a problem. When I spoon up working fine, but spoon down motor still turns slowly. Have to use throttle hold to shut down. I set throttle curve at 0-25-50-75-100. No Expo or D/R used and trims are at 0%. I have a...
  5. James M. Lewis

    General Training The Little Ones Flight School

    Hi everyone, Wow!!!!!!!!!!! what a day.:yikes:I had 27 children between the ages of 4 to 6 years old and WAS SO HAPPY when the session was over. I was worn out but really enjoyed myself. The class started when I turn on the navigational lights to my CH53 and explained their meaning...
  6. James M. Lewis

    General Basic Flight School For The Little Ones

    Hi everybody, Just got off the phone with my grand kids summer camp program run by their school. The class ages are 4 and 4 year olds. Everything is set up for 8/22/2018, 9-11am. I'll have 27 children with their teachers. I'll bring my 300 size CH53 that has operational...
  7. James M. Lewis

    450 Basic Flight School

    Hi everyone, Well despite the many days of rainy weather, still can get some flying in. Let me share with you something I did last year and has taken off with an increase interest and following this year. At my grand daughter's preschool kindergarten last year's graduation, I...
  8. James M. Lewis

    450 Problem When Lifting Off

    Hi Smoggie, I'm having a slight problem with my 450. Attempting to lift off, the heli wants to nose left and tilt back. Have been quick enough to lower throttle and land safely. Two weeks ago did tilt a little too much on approach and hit the blade tips. Ordered new blades but old ones only nic...
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