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Hi everyone,

I'm using this to store a hard copy of my helicopters swash setup values. Made a binder for quick reference besides having this information in my Spektrum radio. hope you too find it useful. I've been asked again to do a mini helicopter flight school at my grandchild's summer school. This will be my third year. Besides the helicopter flight simulator on the computer that each student will get a chance to fly, will also bring three heli's. My US Coast Guard CH53 (300) with operating navigation lights, Gratt 450 Pro for them to touch and turn the main rotor and also see the tail rotor move. And my Augusta A109 scale also 450 size that I'll fly on school grounds outside the fence. Students and staff will be about 100 feet behind me. At the end of the presentation, each student will get a set of jr. pilot wings and training certificate.


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