Cars Brand new nitro ftx carnage from model sport


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Hi guys and gals I have just brought a brand new nitro ftx carnage I have read through the manual followed all the instructions to the letter but I seemed to have a fuel leak around the engine block I then realised the head gasket was damaged and it was spitting out the bottom between the head gasket and exhaust so I ordered a new head gasket the replacement turned up this morning I have therefor replaced it.
I then managed to get the RC started again it doesn’t seem to be leaking but the revs seem off as in they start off high then after a few seconds the engine cuts out and I increased the the idle screw ever so slightly so it stayed running now I have the issue of it idling high then low then high then low and as soon as I touch the accelerator on the remote it cuts out any thoughts ???


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Thank you for the YouTube video I have followed the instructions on there aswell as the manual the tuning seems to be slightly off after I have took it out for a small run around just a few more tweeks and hopefully should be running smoothly.
kindest regards for your input


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Yeah with Nitro you have to find the right tweak to run smoothly. The weather is a factor too. Nitro tuning is tricky.


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Engines are not a set and forget thing... you have to tweak them every time you go out. Even slight changes in barometric pressure, temps, humidity etc can make a difference day to day.


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I would set everything back to stock, check your carb seal, make sure the glow plug has its gasket and start fresh. If you already did the break-in, you can skip that and go straight to the tuning, but going back to stock settings is a good start.

May want to also look at replacing the fuel line. From what you are explaining, this sounds like a lean condition and if there is a small pin hole in the fuel line, it could be leaking in air.
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