General FPV Beginner’s Guide : How To Choose The Best FPV Drone Motor

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In fact, the best motor does not exist. The performance and applicable model of each motor are different. So which motor you choose depends on your frame, flight requirements and budget, etc.

1.Select the appropriate motor according to your frame
Usually, many manufacturers will provide the applicable motor models according to the frame, and beginners better choose the motor model according to the recommendation of manufacturers. If there is no recommended model, it is necessary to select the appropriate motor according to the mounting hole position of the motor base on the frame. The mounting hole position of the arm and the motor base must be consistent to in case that motor cannot be installed into the arm.

2.How to select motor size
First of all, we need to understand that the motor model is composed of four numbers. The first two numbers refer to the diameter parameters of the motor stator, and the last two numbers refer to the parameters of the stator height. For example, the model 2206 indicates that the diameter of motor stator is 22mm and the height of motor stator is 6mm. Generally speaking, model 1103/1106/1507 motors are more suitable for 2-3 inches drones and model 2206/2207/2306/2807 motors are more suitable for 5-7 inches drones.

3.How to determine the KV Value of the motor
The meaning of KV can be simply understood as the speed at which the motor rotates for every volt applied to the motor. High KV value usually represents that the motor can release stronger explosive power but also consume more power. While low KV represents that the motor is less explosive with lower power consumption. In addition, if your motor’s KV value is high, it is recommended to use the propeller with smaller pitch; If you choose the propeller with large pitch, it is recommended to use the motor with lower KV value.

I suggest you to select the appropriate motor according to the following table:

After solving the above problems, you can choose beautiful and cool motors from some motor manufacturers according to your own preferences. Personally, I like the motors from T-MOTOR very much. Their performance and appearance are impeccable. If you are interested in T-MOTOR, you can search the official website and they are on Black Friday sale right now. You can buy high-quality motors at a very low price.
The above is only my personal opinion. If you have different opinions, please discuss with me in the comment area.
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