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The PT Boat is 80 inches long and is of all balsa wood construction. It weighs 23 pounds EMPTY ! Its a beast ! Just a big hollow floating tube !
I had it on the water a year ago with just one motor trying it out for the first time and the ESC I put in was toast in less than 10 minutes. That boat literally flew too !
Obviously the ESC way too small for the size of the boat and the load placed on it. It overheated and died !

This year I am planning on putting in TWO motors in this one. The size and weight of the motors and the batteries is a consideration this time around

I'm looking at using far different motors in this one, and frankly all these water cooled ESC's water cooled brushless motors scare me !
I know nothing about using LIPO batteries, and KV's are a foreign language. I don't need a motor capable of 50,000 rpm !

The boat should be capable of nearly 11.5 mph with two motors pushing it ! I'd be happy with half of that !
MY old motor I've used for years can hit a stead 3 MPH and hold it for 40-45 minutes


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brushless motors are not as scary as they may seem but the lipos can be due to the nature of charging them and what can happen if the charge on them is too high or the draw is to large on them but like anything they are a learning curve i still dont know everything about them i am still learning about them i believe they make a brushless motor big enough that you should only have to use 1 and with brushless motor even a boat that size will probably go quite a bit faster then 11mph. If you use 2 motors you need 2 packs 2 escs im sure a boat tht size can handle with eases but i think 1 would do the job just fine . It really is just gonna come down to your own preference on the setup. Search results for: 'water cooled brushless motor combos' this might help you out in finding a good setup wether it be 1 or 2 motors and escs i hope this helps a little
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