1. B

    General After Crash Repair, Motor Pulsing

    I bought an align Trex 300x just before Christmas and have been doing some great flying. Just over a week ago I was practicing inverted flight and crashed from about 3' off the ground. (lost orientation) I repaired all the mechanical aspects of the the heli, but when I went to test fly last...
  2. Jimmy0161uk

    New Member: Jimmy0161uk

    Hi hope all is good with everyone, getting flying again after almost a year off, few gliders, fpv, an 700l dom heli which I'm currently setting up with a Spirit fbl unit an looking for as much advice on it as possible cheers.
  3. Andrés Humeres

    600 Conecting Governor And Ikon2 In My Align 600 Dfc Nitro

    First, I appreciate your videos that have given me a lot. In particular, your video to configure the governor. But I'm changing the 3GX for an iKON2 and the Align cable does not match the Futaba connection. I tried changing the cable connector, but the iKON2 does not recognize the magnets. Is a...
  4. heidelberg

    FBL Gyro align gpro governor setting

    Hello everyone i am an align gpro user and I am lost after the governor setup on the computer. My question is, after I set the minimum and maximum level on the computer what will be the next step? the sensor senses the magnet and registered green light on the computer when I turned the fan on...
  5. heidelberg

    new member from the philippines

    hello everyone, Heidelberg here from Manila. I got in to this hobby for a couple of years now and I owned several helis since then. I fly trex 450 sport, 500L and just got a brand new trex 600N I hope that my unsolved queries can be found here from our experienced pilot here. Thank everyone I...
  6. N

    450 Receiver for T Rex 450L Dominator

    I've pretty much decided to do my first build with a TRex 450L kit. I have to finish setting up my work space in basement so am planing ahead. Plenty of time to change my mind but am strongly considering an iKON receiver for the build. Just checking to see if anyone knows if the iKON (IKN 1001)...
  7. D

    FBL Gyro Gpro cyclic trim setup procedure

    Hi, newbie builder here (have a few RTF models so have reasonable flight experience). Just completing the Align Trex 450 with Gpro gyro. A bit confused with the procedure for setting cyclic trim. Tony's video on the build was brilliant and helped the build heaps, however the gyro in that...
  8. sarconastic

    450 Budget 450 clone Ordered

    I have flown the blades off my V911 and now my v912. I have gotten pretty proficient at flying the v912, even in pretty hefty 8-10mph wihds for that heli. Nothing amazing but I can do 5 minute flights with no crashes, banking turns and the like. I was looking at getting a v913 as my next heli...
  9. Barge

    My 450L 6S

    Here are a few images of my 450L, nothing really different to what most members here have not seen before. I have a couple of little mods so here we go. I use a XT60 connectors on the battery to ESC wiring, as I have never had a problem with them on my hex. I lubricate them on a regular basis...
  10. pavotibio

    My new Trex 450L Dominator

    I couldn't resist the temptation! I bought me this new Align heli no matter I'm still flying circuits. The building is easy and fast if you'r not a 1st timer. The lengh of the servo wires is just the ruight one so you don´t have too think too much bout the wiring. The new place for the ESC...
  11. pavotibio

    I finished my proyect!

    I wasn´t sure when I bought this kit that I was going to be able to build it myself yet I did it but no without help tho. Thaks to all you people for advicing, helping, recommending, correcting and many other ing-verbs that are suitable. The wiring was what gave me the most trouble but in...
  12. Parkflyer

    Wanted: Align MD500E fuselage nose

    Hi Guys, would anyone know where to get (or even have for sale) a Align Hughes MD500e fuselage nose??.. I have built one up using a Belt CP heli and five blades, I was just about to get it off the ground when I stupidly stood on the nose cone! IDIOT!!... Align dont sell them seperatley and the...
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