1. Trond Andreas Thidesen

    Setup Skyfly Fs-i10 With Realflight Simulator

    I’ve got this fs-i10 controller, and I can’t get it to work with RF. All controls can be moving but I can get them to work like they should. Any one have a suggestion? Trond Andreas Thidesen
  2. J

    Realflight 9 With Flysky Controller

    Hi I've recently bought flysky fs i6x. It works with various free (crappy) simulators. I wonder if it will work also with RF9? Thanks!
  3. T

    Other FlySky receiver quadcopter

    Hello Guys, I finally received my stuffs to build my first quadcopter !!! I'm delighted. I manage to make all motors spin in the right sense ! But unfortunatly, I'm having troubles with the receiver. I need it for wednesday and I don't know which one would work for a quadcopter. I found...
  4. sarconastic

    General WLtoys V911 Will bind with Flysky FS-t6

    I had read several articles that said the Turnigy 9X and the Flysky FS-ct6b would bind with the V911's.Tthey said the v911's used Flysky tech. But I couldn't find anything on how to do it with my FlySky FS-T6. So I ordered one in an attempt to get it to work. Tried to bind it the first night and...
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