1. Neven Fric

    Projects "the Big One" Rc Problems

    Hi, So I found this few years old RC Helicopter and I'd like to get it to work. So I have 2 problems: 1. My RC controller is missing the case where batterys were held. How can I replace that? 2. My helicopter charger is missing... Is there a way to charge batteries inside it without chager? Thanks
  2. Wes Carlie

    450 E-sky

    I am need of the E-Sky D700 3d helicopter manual. If anyone can help let me know.
  3. B

    Projects What Is Your Next Heli Build And Why?

    I have purchased an Align 800 electric as my next and possibly final rc helicopter to build and fly. Two years ago the heli bug bit me. I quickly went through a number of small electric helis before taking on my Align 550 TREX Dominator. This was a serious challenge for me which took 4 months to...
  4. Corsair1003

    Removed: Blade 450 3d Rc Helicopter Bnf With Tons Of Extras

    This helicopter is in excellent condition with no issues Includes: Helicopter 3S 2200 Lipo Battery Aluminum Case All pictured parts Asking 140 plus shipping
  5. sarconastic

    General WLtoys V911 Will bind with Flysky FS-t6

    I had read several articles that said the Turnigy 9X and the Flysky FS-ct6b would bind with the V911's.Tthey said the v911's used Flysky tech. But I couldn't find anything on how to do it with my FlySky FS-T6. So I ordered one in an attempt to get it to work. Tried to bind it the first night and...
  6. B

    Two months in on my Blade 450 3D

    Alright been flying helis now for about two months maybe a little longer. I finally had someone around to take some video of it today. I didn't 3d, it was a tight space and still a little to nervous yet. I think the next time I take it out I might do some flips and a little inverted up high...
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