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    Quad Help for a newbie?

    Hello, My name is Owen and I've put about £450 into my first quad, that's including batteries chargers headset etc. I'm having a few issues and I can't seem to fix them no matter how many YouTube videos I watch. After drying my KK2.5 I bought a Naze32 board. I successfully flashed and had...
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    Misc. Idk what to call it but its not good

    Hi so I'm fairly new to the world of rc. And I'm having an issue and I have no clue whats coursing it. So basically when I turn my car on it accelerates at full speed for about 10 seconds then it stops and beeps at me. It does this if the controller is on ir off and ive replaced the reciver and...
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    Quad Beta Flight Used To Work Now Says"failed To Connect To Serial Port"

    Hello. I recently built my first quad and everything went great until I got to Betaflight. When I first plugged my drone in it connected fine and I edited some stuff using a guide. Despite using a guide, for some reason nothing was responding on the receiver tab. I'm using the FS-I6 transmitter...
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    Cars help

    So im getting back into rc, i just got hpi flex brushless esc and controller, i cant link my controller, it worked before i set lipo cut off. anyway i went on everywhere i could find cant get it done. hpi said if it doesnt have steering its the reciever but sent it to them and they will replace...
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    500 Swashplate compensation problem. Need help please.

    Hello everyone, I was flying my Trex 500 today, and I noticed something very weird. There are sudden unwanted movements in the helicopter. I though it was just the wind, there was about 10mph gusts today. However, I wanted to make sure, so I pitch up to get some altitude and try to invert...
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    Other Walkera Devo7

    Hallo My Name Is Eyal i buy the walkera v450d03 with the devo7 combo in the first is ok for begginer until you crash i buy spare parts and fly it again but it's not good at all so I decided to buy another bird i Bought new rx rx1202 12 channels by Walkera to bind with my Devo7 and Copterx...
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