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    Cars T-maxx 3.3 Diy Electric Conversion. Burnt Esc

    Hi Peeps! I am currently converting my old T-maxx 3.3 to electric. Today I got it running but burnt my ESC after 10 minutes. I wonder why. Maybe someone here can shed some light on it since i am a newb in RC building... I am running a 3900KV 4pole motor with a 60A ESC (Now deciesed.) I had a...
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    General What?

    I'm trying to make this: MINI-Z BAR ANNEX 回転翼機飛ぶ By just looking at it, what are the two black things the rods are inserted into to make the thing spin (the pictures don't help much)?
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    Chargers What charger should I get?

    This is my battery: Turnigy nano-tech 300mah 2S 45~90C Lipo Pack What charger should I use? Right now I'm looking at this very simple one: 7.4V USB Charger Is it fine? Should I get anything else for safety precautions?
  4. V me to pursue and learn flying please..

    I am really a newby in RC planes and flying. I have not flown any rc planes and would like to start with this hobby. I am planning to buy a good radio and a good stimulator to begin with. Please help me to find a good radio that would help me in the future as well if i get into more advance...
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