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  1. V

    500 Trex 500 Motor No Not Turning

    I have a new heli trex500dfc. I was busy setting it up and did a motor spool up and the motor jumped out of the gear. Thereafter I cannot get the motor turning again. I have a dx7s transmitter. What could be the problem? Did I damage the motor or ecs? Help please
  2. Nikhil Rathore

    General Need Help With A 2kg Plane And A High Kv Motor Will It Fly

    Hi everyone my self Nikhil and I am from India I am 17 years old I am building a maker trainer by lucas weakley and I am new to rc but in India it is very difficult to find a depron so i made it with different type of foam is it stiff enough but with all electronics it weights around 2kg but I...
  3. M

    Motors 2204 2300kv motor issue?

    Hi All, I ordered some rockstar race motors 2204 2300kv off of banggood and have only just got a chance to test them. I have a video of the issue in the video it can be seen that when I put the throttle fully on the motor does not kick in correctly and if i take the throttle off and back on...
  4. L

    Motors Motor Help

    Hi, my RC is having problems with the motor. It's the stock motor for evader st. It's PHOTON SPEED MOTOR (20 turn, single wind) from Duratrax. I replaced all the bearings. It doesn't move at all, nothing spins. I have gotten tired of poking at it, trying to figure it out. I don't know if I...
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