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    General What?

    I'm trying to make this: MINI-Z BAR ANNEX 回転翼機飛ぶ By just looking at it, what are the two black things the rods are inserted into to make the thing spin (the pictures don't help much)?
  2. E

    Chargers What charger should I get?

    This is my battery: Turnigy nano-tech 300mah 2S 45~90C Lipo Pack What charger should I use? Right now I'm looking at this very simple one: 7.4V USB Charger Is it fine? Should I get anything else for safety precautions?
  3. R

    Noob Noob Dont know what I am doing

    HI, I am RCFastBashandCrashJuno. I don't understand how these forums things work. if you can send me a msg to where I put my questions that would help. I am Disabled, I am X-Law Enforcement who almost died on the job. I have had 12+ neck and back surgeries. DRs think I have had a stroke in the...
  4. S

    General Pitch help

    Hi guys. I'm setting up a trex 450 sport v2 that I've just updated to dfc. I'm also using a spectrum DX6, I've set up the 3gx gyro and head but am getting +/- 16 degrees of pitch. I think I can handle the positive pitch, but through watching some videos on you tube, I'd like to reduce the...
  5. C

    I think I skipped a step

    Hi Folks, so I have only been flying Heli for about 3 months and got my first one from Wal-Mart ended up getting 2 more that were exactly the same then got a larger one but yet still had two sets of Blades.....and that's were I think I skipped a step. The next Heli I bought was the MASTER CP. I...
  6. Norny

    noob here and new to forums any help welcome

    Hello eveybody. I'm knew to forums and rc heli's, infact I'm so knew my first heli hasn't even arrived yet. I was persuaded to visit this site from watching rchelpdotcom's tube vids on DX6i setup and thought if they're all as knowledgeable and helpful as this guy this is where i want to be.
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