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    General power supply for iMAX Balance Charger using Old Laptop charger

    wow... I got all of my parts ordered for RC stuff. RadioLink AT9 - Transmitter with RXs (9ch and 6ch) Lipo Batteries 11.1v 3S (2200mAh) iMAX Balance Charger with some cables Servos 9g Brushless motors 1000kv and 2200kv ESCs (20A 30A 40A) and many Props 2s and 3s. I'm very exited to...
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    General Power Supply for Bench Work

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a variable voltage power supply that allows setting a ceiling for max amp output to do bench work of RC components. Wondering if anyone else has done this and if they've found it useful. My idea is to hook servo's into a receiver on my work bench and do...
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    Power Supply's New Power Supply Set Up Question?

    Hey Fellas, I am in the process of building a power supply like those sweet ones in some other threads and I have a question. I would like to use a cool toggle switch to power up the two PS units when I use them so I can just leave it plugged up on my bench all the time, is there a good way...
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