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    Spektrum Spektrun NX10

    Hi All, the upgrade to the beloved DX9 has arrived a belated Christmas present, so far without have yet used it it appears good, set up was easy logged it onto the WiFi and it was able to register itself on the website, downloaded all the DX9 SPM files put them on a mini SD card and they all...
  2. Alex Evans

    General Dx9 Black - Stick Centering

    I don't manage with this topic. I have my travel on all channels set to 100 / 100 But, my center stick, for pitch / throttle is NOT at 50% or zero, my elevtor is 1 not zero... Any suggestions? Cheers
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    Spektrum New Spektrum Ix20 - Ix12 Issues Fixed ??

    Spektrum have just announced the new iX20 and by the look of the hype they may have addressed the issues that the iX12 had, slow boot, slow wake from sleep a two & half times fast Android system. The price won't see me owning one in the near future. iX20 20-Channel DSMX Transmitter Only, Black...
  4. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 15 Programming The Spektrum Dx3r Pro

    Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 15 Programming The Spektrum Dx3r Pro

    It's time to get this truck programmed into the Spektrum DX3R Pro transmitter. Pick Up A Spektrum Tx For Yourself! You'll Love It! https://amzn.to/2Y6frZR Short Shaft Scorpion Tools https://amzn.to/2LwZuuC Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 https://amzn.to/2Ll2dXP
  5. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 14 Electronics Install & Wire Management

    Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 14 Electronics Install & Wire Management

    Installing servos into the Traxxas T-Maxx is pretty straight forward, but in this video, we are also going to wire manage this truck to make it as clean as possible! We get to do a little soldering as well. Crimping Tool https://amzn.to/2GR9v0Y Dupont Ends https://amzn.to/2XUmrcs
  6. H

    Prop Help With Sport Cub S

    Just getting into the hobby, bought this sport cub s second hand. The previous owner claimed that it didn’t have any issues before shipping. Ailerons only extend fully to the left, when going right they only move 20% of the way. Secondly, when the throttle is engaged I can hear the motor trying...
  7. A

    Spektrum Dx6 Transmitter Failed

    Hey guys just looking for some advice... I have a DX6 that has already been repaired by Horizon Hobby once. The transmitter board failed for no reason and they fixed it no cost. Now it failed again after the batteries in the remote died (I use rechargeable battiers and I guess one failed in the...
  8. Jimmy0161uk

    New Member: Jimmy0161uk

    Hi hope all is good with everyone, getting flying again after almost a year off, few gliders, fpv, an 700l dom heli which I'm currently setting up with a Spirit fbl unit an looking for as much advice on it as possible cheers.
  9. HanzCedric

    General My Humble Tarot450

    Hi Guys, Im so sorry that i did not fill up the Tanks!!! Thread with some RC Tanks Action from my RC tanks battalion. For the mean time, here are some more pics of my Heli and radio, i got it for $200 in local currency New Blades: Walkera 450 320mm
  10. Jeronimo

    Spektrum Spektrum Setups Sharing

    Hi to all! First of all thanks to the authors for their help and video tutorials on youtube. As we know all latest Spektrum TXs can share setups, last time i lost weeks to setup my Tbs Discovery)) So i suggest you to share different setups in order to make it easier for beginners to enter the...
  11. Spektrum Wireless Simulator Dongle

    Spektrum Wireless Simulator Dongle

    This is something that I have been waiting for for a very long time. An actual Spektrum brand wireless simulator USB dongle. Key Features Wirelessly connects a DSM2/DSMX Spektrum Transmitter to your PC or Mobile Device as a USB Gamepad Integrated bind button No additional drivers or additional...
  12. T

    Spektrum Spektrum Receivers for Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228P

    I'm new to radio heli's and I purchased the Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228p. It's a good flying heli when I'm able to keep it running. It seems like I may have to replace another receiver so this will make it receiver number 2 within 2 months. I purchased the heli from RC711, the tech support there...
  13. L

    Spektrum Spektrum DX6i replacement

    Friends. I was installing a back light on my Spektrum and cracked the LCD back screen. I'm looking for a replacement LCD or a used replacement Spektrum DX6i
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