Spektrum Spektrum Receivers for Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228P


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I'm new to radio heli's and I purchased the Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228p. It's a good flying heli when I'm able to keep it running. It seems like I may have to replace another receiver so this will make it receiver number 2 within 2 months. I purchased the heli from RC711, the tech support there sucks and I've given up on them. Is there a Spextrum receiver that would work in the Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228p? Thanks for any help that can be given.


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The RX for that is an all in one unit.
It controls the main and tail rotors as well as the servos.
So its designed specifically for that heli.
So with out serious modification, its unlikely that a Spek RX would work.


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Agreed. By the time you install a couple of ESC's for the motors, change teh servo plugs around to fit the new Rx and stick a spektrum Rx into the helicopter, not only would you have enough in this helicopter to purchase another one, but you would have a really heavy heli that more than likely wouldn't fly. IMO, check out the Blade line of helicopters. They are a little more expensive, but they are great birds.


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This is a well built heli, I would sure hate to see it sit on the shelf. What all would be involved to change out the RX for this heli if you don't mind telling me?

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Tony, I overlooked your post for some reason. No need to reply to my second to last post. I am looking at the Blade 200SR, it's supposed to be a good heli for beginners like myself. I own a Blade 350QX3 Quad copter so this will keep me busy until I purchase a new heli. Thanks for all the advice.


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Changing the 5 in 1 board. That may not be possible either. Spectrum charges around 70$ for a 120at board. No telling if that would either. Problem would be the servo alignment.
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