1. Chuck D.

    JR Esc Exorcism?

    Hello everyone. Boy am i glad I found this place. And thanks in advance to anyone who weighs in. Im getting back into RC after 25 years so I consider myself to be a slightly more educated (maybe) Noob. Anyway, I ordered Paired JRracing XR3 transmitter, and R200 receiver. At the same time I...
  2. T

    Other FlySky receiver quadcopter

    Hello Guys, I finally received my stuffs to build my first quadcopter !!! I'm delighted. I manage to make all motors spin in the right sense ! But unfortunatly, I'm having troubles with the receiver. I need it for wednesday and I don't know which one would work for a quadcopter. I found...
  3. N

    General Can a AR7300BX be Used to Replace a AR7200BX

    I'm looking for a suitable replacement for my AR7200BX. Seems they don't make them any more but I could order the 7200 if necessary. Want to consider options though. Other options like a BeastX system or others will be considered too.
  4. T

    Spektrum Spektrum Receivers for Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228P

    I'm new to radio heli's and I purchased the Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228p. It's a good flying heli when I'm able to keep it running. It seems like I may have to replace another receiver so this will make it receiver number 2 within 2 months. I purchased the heli from RC711, the tech support there...
  5. A

    Other binding help

    I been trying to bind and also set the fail safe on a 1/16 2.4Ghz Exceed RC ThunderFire Nitro Gas Powered RTR truck. The transmitter uses 4 AAA batteries, while the receiver takes 4 AA batteries. I'm using two different brands of batteries. one brand in the transmitter and another brand in...
  6. H

    General Dazed and confused

    I need some help... I purchased a TREX 250 PRO Super Combo (with fly bar). It came with an ALIGN GP790 gyro. and 4 servos (3 ALIGN DS410 and 1 ALIGN DS420). The DS420 servo is for the tail rotor and it's suppose to be located just under the where the tail boom enters the airframe. (not on the...
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