JR Esc Exorcism?

Chuck D.

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Hello everyone. Boy am i glad I found this place. And thanks in advance to anyone who weighs in. Im getting back into RC after 25 years so I consider myself to be a slightly more educated (maybe) Noob. Anyway, I ordered Paired JRracing XR3 transmitter, and R200 receiver. At the same time I purchased a paired Team Orion SV2 19 x 2 brushed motor, and Dynamite Power Pulse ESC. Both said that the products were tested and working fine together. Yesterday when I received the equipment i hooked everything up correctly to a 7.4v , 5200 mah battery. After I first turned the transmitter on, Then the receiver, I noted the correct sounding number of beeps abruptly followed by the motor immediately going full bore. All the batteries are freshly charged, and the steering servo worked flawlessly. At the risk of this being something completely obvious. Does anyone have any ideas? Or is it time to contact Father Karras?

Chuck D.

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Ahh. I read this earlier, and am confused if it means to stick a tiny screwdriver in the two pot. holes? or if it is a digital adjustment on the transmitter. Thanks for the link and advice.


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The pic on the manual clearly shows two pots that can be adjusted... a high and a neutral point adjustment.

I don't have this nor would I... I'm into airplanes... I just read the manual


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You stated it went full bore when you plugged it in. Did you happen to hit the throttle to see what it did? I'm wondering if the throttle isn't backwards. If it's not, you will need to play with those pots.

The Neutral pot will be adjusted where there is no forward or reverse action on the car with your hand off of the trigger. The other port, if I remember correctly, is for high speed, and you turn it until you get a green light. It's been a while since I set one of these up though.

But definitely see what happens if you hit the throttle or even brake/reverse when the car is going full bore. If it slows down with throttle, then the throttle is reversed. If it does nothing, but slows down when you hit brake/reverse, then it's just an adjustment to those pots that is needed. Or maybe even the throttle trim on the Tx. Let me know.
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