1. S

    Cars Unique Issue with HobbyWing Max10 SCT 120A - Not the same as all the other issues

    I have a truggy bought only 3 months ago with a HobbyWing WP MAX10 SCT RTR 120A. Lightly used, not in dirt or water without any problems for the first 3 months. An issue occurred the other day. I took it out and drove it for 1 minute about 200 meters then the following issue occurred: Every...
  2. Isegrin

    ESC Esc Resets Itself

    Hello, I have problem with my no-brand 30A ESC rated for 2-3s. At first flights it was working just fine, but after couple of flights something happened and now when I throttle up or just make random moves with the throttle stick it restarts. When I remove the proppeler it works good. Motor...
  3. S

    Cars T-maxx 3.3 Diy Electric Conversion. Burnt Esc

    Hi Peeps! I am currently converting my old T-maxx 3.3 to electric. Today I got it running but burnt my ESC after 10 minutes. I wonder why. Maybe someone here can shed some light on it since i am a newb in RC building... I am running a 3900KV 4pole motor with a 60A ESC (Now deciesed.) I had a...
  4. Chuck D.

    JR Esc Exorcism?

    Hello everyone. Boy am i glad I found this place. And thanks in advance to anyone who weighs in. Im getting back into RC after 25 years so I consider myself to be a slightly more educated (maybe) Noob. Anyway, I ordered Paired JRracing XR3 transmitter, and R200 receiver. At the same time I...
  5. X

    General Yep Esc Programming Card Reverse Direction

    Hi, I have a YEP esc and I would like to program it with programming card such that when Aileron channel is pushed to the right -> motor rotates in one direction pushed to the left -> motor rotates in reversed direction stay in the middle -> stop There is a Rev.(Nevy) on the programming card...
  6. D

    ESC Ikon And Castle Governor End Limits

    Hello all, I am setting up a governor on my castle ice2 HV 80 for an align 600. I would normally run what i call a poor man governor by adjusting throttle curve to flat 85 idle up 2 and idle up 2 flat line 95, seems to work ok I have been told less stress on the motor and batteries if i use...
  7. G

    General Hobbyking 30a Programmable Esc Won't Program Please Help

    According to the manual, this ESC is supposed to beep when I plug it in as well as during programming. The servos respond to my input, but the motor only moves for a few seconds initially and then does not respond. Is something broken? I don't know if I can fix it or replace something. All parts...
  8. Dieseldoctor

    ESC Esc

    I've just bought a pair of 10A ESCs. They have a switch on the pcb. They both work OK with the sw in either position. Can anyone tell me what they are for? They are to convert a toy truck to rc.
  9. I

    ESC Choosing a esc

    Hi everyone. I just received a align trex 450 pro body i bought from a friend. Im still new to the hobby and i would just like to get some info on what esc i should buy. At the moment i have on the list : yep 40A , turnigy plush 40A , rotorstar 40A , align 35a bl35x , power hd 40A and the...
  10. N

    Quad Please help!

    Hi guys, I'm new here so bear with me if I come across as a total noob! I'm a cameraman by trade and have ventured into the world of aerial video. I bought a nice simple 450 quad to get to grips with multirotor flying. I seem to have got the hang of it so far. I had a pretty bad crash...
  11. D

    Quad Upgrading DJI F450 motors + Prop, need help choosing the right Li-po battery.

    I have a DJI F450 that I want to upgrade, I have seen someone with similar motor/prop set-up and runs amazing. Basically 4 new motors (ARK RC - Not Found"]link here[/URL]) each has a Max Continuous...
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