1. Tony

    Micro Wltoys V911 Fixed Pitch Helicopter

    I was sent this helicopter quite a while ago and never got around to actually doing the review on it. Well today, that changes. I pulled this helicopter out of the box and charged up the batteries (it comes with two) and inserted 6 AA batteries into the Tx. Yes, 6 batteries is what it requires...
  2. K

    For Sale: Wltoys V950 Heli

    I have a V950 heli for sale. It has no damage and is not crashed. It had a bad servo that has been replaced. It is the complete package with transmitter, battery, charger, extra parts including main shaft, linkages and maybe others. Asking $90 OBO plus $10 shipping to anywhere in the USA...
  3. M

    Newbie to RC helicopter

    Hi Everyone, Just get started with rc heli for 3 months, both my Wltoys v912 and v977 are waiting for replacement parts. So mostly fly simulator now. v912 tail motor has burnt out. v977's rotor head was broken after crash. Currently, thinking about TREX450 build, figuring out the way...
  4. sarconastic

    General Chinese Christmas in February

    It is my last day of convalescence from work and the postman arrived at my door. Bearing gifts from China. My V912 BNF, 5x 200Mah Batteries for my v911, and the aluminum upgrade hit for the v911. Happy Days LOL. I am so stoked to fly this V912, I knew it was bigger than a v911 but didn't realize...
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