1. krayon

    Micro Blade nano cpx shunt down suddenly

    Hi everyone, Sometimes when i fly with the nano cpx, the heli shunt down suddenly and fall... Is not a motor problem because the blue led also turn off... Have anyone an idea ? Regards. Krayon
  2. krayon

    I have contract the heli virus !

    Hello, I have buy an RC Heli 1 week ago... a Blade Nano Cpx... Before i have buy 3 RC Heli at 50$ (Revell Razor and Revell Rotobot), two rotor and FP with a Horizontal tail rotor... so a thinks for little kids but i take a lot of pleasure to fly... so i decided to buy a true Heli RC : the...
  3. P

    Micro Nano CPX frame replacement (and some helpful mods)

    So after a many many flights I had managed to break a couple of the canopy studs from the frame. I had been gluing them for a while but it got to the point it was time to replace the frame, which means stripping everything down and building it back up. While I was at it I replaced the tail...
  4. P

    Micro Nano CPX main motor replacement

    Provided for your assistance, an example of replacing the main motor in the Nano CPX. This is only an example. You are responsible for your own heli. RC-Help.com, nor I, are responsible if you break your heli. What you'll need: Small Philips head screw driver that came with the heli...
  5. P

    Action shots?

    Seems most stills are of helis on the ground. So thought I'd take some action shots. Only have a 120SR and nCPX so far, and I'm still learning, so nothing too exciting. :) Here's the 120SR: Nano: And the nano in it's natural state: :)
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