1. floydian70

    FB Gyro 130x Flips Over On Spoolup

    I just got parts and all kinds of upgrades and another 130x. Could never get the head to hold on the one I just bought. It would hover for awhile then the tail would blow out. Now when I spool it up right about when it gets light on the skids it flips on its side real hard. So I went to adjust...
  2. J

    450 Pitch And Throttle Curves

    Hi, I'm starting to get a bit confused about all these curves and numbers. First of all. I'm in no way into 3D or similar. I'm more the scale type. I have flown heli's before, but it 7 years ago and now it's time again. (I have done a lot of sim training) My heli is the Trex 450 pro with...
  3. D

    FBL Gyro Gpro cyclic trim setup procedure

    Hi, newbie builder here (have a few RTF models so have reasonable flight experience). Just completing the Align Trex 450 with Gpro gyro. A bit confused with the procedure for setting cyclic trim. Tony's video on the build was brilliant and helped the build heaps, however the gyro in that...
  4. pavotibio

    FBL Gyro Align 3gx gain channel

    Hi guys, it's been a while since my last post... I recently decided to get rid of my RX and just use a satellite. I saw some video tutorials started unplugging cables. Thing is that I read somewhere that I had to reassign the gyro channel to AUX2 instead of GEAR. A friend told me this was wrong...
  5. M

    Spektrum dx6i gyro problem

    hi guyz, after watching tony's videos on how to everything went great until i had this very minor crash... the red led that was solid red on the gyro on "gyro" mode on my dx6i, now went off and turned to solid red on "flap" mode switch... any ideas? Thank you
  6. M

    new member

    hi, i'm new to rc heli, ive been watching tony's video which were very helpfull to me...after a few flights i had i minor crash and this is what happened. the gyro led that was solid red on "gyro" switch on my dx6i now is solid red red on "flap" switch... any ideas? Thank you
  7. H

    General Dazed and confused

    I need some help... I purchased a TREX 250 PRO Super Combo (with fly bar). It came with an ALIGN GP790 gyro. and 4 servos (3 ALIGN DS410 and 1 ALIGN DS420). The DS420 servo is for the tail rotor and it's suppose to be located just under the where the tail boom enters the airframe. (not on the...
  8. z257

    450 E-razor 450 gyro help

    hi i just got my e razor back to working order and i went to track the blades and the heli just spun around and wouldn't stop. i reversed the gyro and that seemed to fix it until i got to around half throttle and it just started spinning rapidly. i have messed with the sensitivity on my wfly...
  9. z257

    450 relly bad tail wag

    hi i have an e-razor 450 with a gy-192 hh gyro. when ever i fly it and put to much rudder input the tail starts violently waging so much i have to set it down. ive tryied adjusting my gyro sensativity but tht seems to make it worse i have it above 50 now. but what would be the problem and how...
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